Painting En Plein Air, Pitt Lake, Theresa Eaton Art

  Theresa has been a creator all her life, born in 1965 Calgary, Alberta. From her early beginning drawing has become an essential part of life. Clear memories of the vast Alberta skies and ever present horses, remain a large part of the inspiration for the creative spark.  Passion for landscapes and painting from life have influenced Theresa’s artistry in recent years. Plein air ( open air in French) and painting from life have become the tools needed to create meaningful art with a fresh dreamy out come.  

  Venetian Plaster has also played a part in developing a unique style, derived from her earlier work in interior décor. She has been able to use this unique medium to create original Equestrian pieces of art.  These modern Sculptural paintings evoke a special presence, created from a journey of discovery and passion for the horse.  Always learning and longing for the next creation of expression is an essential aspect of Theresa’s work.

  As humans we seek family, happiness, life experience and love. Theresa Eaton Art, artwork that breathes life, beauty and joy, layer upon layer. Painting is a comfort, just as a dancer dances and musician performs. Theresa is a painter, painting memories and experiences from her heart!