Without knowing it, doodling has always been a part of the way I communicate with myself.  As a young child I drew and doodled just about everything.  Drawing horses was always a passion. As I reflect back now, hearts would surface when I drew horses. Horses and Hearts are symbols of peace, love. Drawing helped slow my artistic brain down, bringing me to calm place and peace within.

  The dream of having a horse has always been close to my heart. Hearts are a simple shape that return to a circle, just as we repeat life everyday. 

 The last three years have been a reflection of getting to know myself, revealing the layers oft likes and what I need to improve on, artistically and personally. During Covid there was a lost feeling for me. The "Heart Collection" started from a visual  of seeing the hearts in peoples windows, store fronts, and car windows, people came together in a visual language of art!

 This collection has evolved organicity, with people caring about others. Hope you enjoy the paintings and the art from my "Heart"

Warm wishes,